Dr. Emmanuel Bernet and Ms Maria Lamrani

About Dr. Emmanuel Bernet

Dr. Emmanuel Bernet has over 25 years of dedicated service in education as a highly experienced French-Canadian teacher trainer. His journey began in 1996, teaching upper primary school in multicultural and disadvantaged settings. Quickly, he transitioned into guiding and supervising pre-service teachers during their internships and later became a trainer for in-service teachers for Montreal’s schools. Concurrently, Dr. Bernet graduated with a Ph.D. specializing in educational psychology from the University of Montreal in 2010, receiving exceptional distinction and honors. His expertise spans various domains, including school motivation and well-being, competency-based pedagogy, participative classroom management, pedagogical integration of technology, and professional development practices. This breadth of expertise led him to Shanghai, where he served as a full-time adviser in pedagogical innovation for a few years. And for the past decade, Dr. Bernet has played a vital role at the International French School of Singapore (IFS), primarily serving as an educational psychology, technology, and professional learning adviser. His responsibilities include collaborating on significant research projects with universities and delivering countless professional development sessions for teachers and principals.

Dr. Bernet's expertise extends beyond the classroom and the school setting. As an independent consultant, he has been sought after since 2005 to provide training in schools, advise parents, speak to government representatives, lecture university students, and present his work in professional and scientific congresses across more than a dozen countries, particularly in the Asia-Pacific region. His ability to adapt his knowledge and skills to different contexts and audiences is a testament to his versatility and effectiveness as an educational consultant. He has also co-authored research reports, scientific and professional journal articles, and a book chapter. Dr. Bernet's affiliations with prestigious organizations, such as the Observatory on Well-being at School (OBE) in France, the Singapore Positive Education Network (SPEN), and the Interuniversity Research Center on Training and the Teaching Profession in Canada (CRIFPE), further underscore his standing in the field.

Despite his accomplishments, Dr. Bernet values the importance of maintaining practical experience in the classroom while addressing the complexity of professional development efficacy for teachers. He designs training programs and workshops that address genuine teacher needs through solid questioning, experimentation, and reflection on beliefs and practices. His training style highlights the importance of evidence-based pedagogical practices and engaging training methods. He aims for greater academic achievement for all students in a more holistic approach to youth well-being, aligning with MOE goals. Therefore, it is vital for him to positively impact Singapore society as a new permanent resident through continuous professional development for teachers, but also soon through counselling services. Being already extensively trained by the International Institute for Bioenergetic Analysis (IIBA), he is currently augmenting his skills through The School of Positive Psychology (TSPP) in Singapore, paving the way for the final year of a master's degree in counselling and psychotherapy from the University of East London. As you can see, Dr. Bernet offers tailored professional development opportunities to schools and educators with his dedication and expertise, aiming to enhance teacher and student success at school in a holistic, efficient and motivating manner.

About Ms Maria Lamrani

I am Maria Lamrani, an educator, author, and transformational leader with a passion for unlocking the potential of every child. With over 20 years of diverse international experience, I strive to blend a deep passion for learning with the latest insights from neuroscience. My journey has spanned continents, from Europe to Africa and Asia, allowing me to serve as a teacher, trainer, and principal and fueling my desire to illuminate the minds of the next generation. My interaction with students of various age groups has honed my expertise, with a particular resonance found in Early Childhood Education. My fascination with the intersection of neuroscience and education has blossomed in this field, revealing profound implications for teaching methodologies.In addition to being an educator and trainer, I am a dedicated author of children’s books, using my words to inspire and enlighten on essential topics impacting the well-being of children and parents alike. My global experiences have enriched my perspective and deepened my appreciation for the cultural nuances inherent in educational environments. To ensure that every child has a safe and supportive place to learn and develop, I am committed to promoting a more holistic view of education and to designing learning spaces that are reflective, evidence-based, and welcoming to all. With the common goal of expanding the scope and significance of early childhood education, I cordially invite my fellow educators to embark with me on an eye-opening journey into novel, child-centred approaches.

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