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Leading from the Middle

  • How do we help key personnel become more self-aware and reflective of their behaviour and motivation?
  • How can we help KPs think and act more systemically?
  • How can KPs communicate more strategically?

The key personnel in our schools, in particular, Heads of Department, have the daunting task of not only leading teams and setting directions for their respective departments, they also have to be excellent executors on the ground. They need to be able to translate their visions into action in a dynamic school environment that is becoming increasingly complex. They also need to work effectively with their superiors and their colleagues in the school to achieve both department and school outcomes.

In this 1-Day workshop, KPs will gain clarity in their roles as middle managers and will have opportunity to have hands on experience with learning organisation tools that can prove effective in their leadership journey.

Three areas will be covered in this workshop:

  • Being Mindful and Self-Aware
  • Communicating Strategically
  • Thinking and Acting Systemically

Target Audience: Key Personnel in Schools and MOE HQ

What Our Participants Said...

  • "Mr. Mano's authentic sharing brought highly relevant ideas and approaches to life, making the content relatable and directly applicable."
  • "Personal anecdotes from Mr. Mano enhanced the relevance of the material, demonstrating practical application of the concepts discussed."
  • "Insights into strategic communication and systemic thinking and acting were particularly enlightening, prompting valuable self-reflection."
  • "The focus on practical skills for middle managers, emphasizing the balancing act of various responsibilities, was highly beneficial."
  • "The systems approach presented for problem-solving was clear and actionable, offering structured steps to refine our thought processes."
  • "Key concepts were clarified and directly tied to the school environment, ensuring their relevance and applicability."
  • "A well-balanced mix of activities effectively reinforced our learning, with Mr. Mano’s extensive experience enriching the workshop through diverse examples."

About the Presenter: 

Mr Manogaran Suppiah

Mr Manogaran Suppiah has been in the education service for over four decades. He has had an unusual career of teaching in the primary, secondary and pre-university classrooms over a period of 16 years before moving into leadership roles in schools and junior college, including significant periods as a Cluster Superintendent, Founding Director of the Academy of Singapore Teachers (AST) and the CEO of SINDA. Trained as a Consultant in Organisational Learning, Mr Mano has been invited to conduct workshops and seminars across the world. He has a special love for professional development and is keen to share his strategies he had deployed in the different organisations and contexts he had served and continues to serve.

Registration Details

Course Code: MS120224B

Topic: Leading from the Middle

Presenter: Mr Manogaran Suppiah

Date: 12 April 2024, Friday

Time: 9.00 am to 5.00 pm

Mode of Delivery: Face-to-face

Venue: To Be Confirmed

Closing Date: 22 March 2024, Friday

Workshop Fee: S$350.00 per participant and subject to GST.

Please contact Joseph Loy by email or tel: 6363 0330 if you require further information.