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Elevating Staff Performance through Partnership Coaching

  • How can supervisors use the GROW Coaching Framework to bring out the best in their key personnel and teachers?
  • How do we guide supervisors in adopting a coaching mindset and disposition to support staff engagement and capacity building?
  • How do we understand the complexity of group and system dynamics and how they impact team performance?
  • How do we develop self-awareness in building coaching capabilities as part of their leadership development to be coaching leaders?

According to Tim Gallwey (2001), the fundamental results of work – performance, enjoyment, and learning – are interdependent. In the work triangle, if individuals aren’t learning, their performance will decline over time.  If their predominant experience of work is boredom or stress, both learning and performance will suffer.

As leaders, the mandate in a dynamic environment has always been about bringing about meaningful change, not just maintaining the status quo. The Work Triangle captures the importance of balancing the key elements of performance, enjoyment and learning in the school.

In this workshop, participants will get a better understanding of themselves and learn to use the GROW Partnership Coaching Model, a framework that helps to unearth teachers’ aspirations, generating conversations and understanding complexities through a few Learning Organisation tools like the Ladder of Inference and Left-Hand Column.

The guiding philosophy behind the design of the workshop is that the key to higher performance of our teachers lie in unlocking the potential within each key personnel or teacher.

Target Audience: Key Personnel in Schools and MOE HQ

About the Presenter: 

Mr Manogaran Suppiah

Mr Manogaran Suppiah has been in the education service for over four decades. He has had an unusual career of teaching in the primary, secondary and pre-university classrooms over a period of 16 years before moving into leadership roles in schools and junior college, including significant periods as a Cluster Superintendent, Founding Director of the Academy of Singapore Teachers (AST) and the CEO of SINDA. Trained as a Consultant in Organisational Learning, Mr Mano has been invited to conduct workshops and seminars across the world. He has a special love for professional development and is keen to share his strategies he had deployed in the different organisations and contexts he had served and continues to serve.

Registration Details

Course Code: MS110324

Topic: Elevating Staff Performance through Partnership Coaching

Presenter: Mr Manogaran Suppiah

Date: 25 September 2024 Wednesday

Time: 9.00 am to 5.00 pm

Mode of Delivery: Face-to-face

Venue: To Be Confirmed

Closing Date: 28 June 2024, Friday

Workshop Fee: S$350.00 per participant and subject to GST.

Please contact Joseph Loy by email or tel: 6363 0330 if you require further information.