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Assessment in Play-based Teaching Contexts: Supporting our Early Learners

This webinar introduces educators to various models of play-based pedagogy with coupled assessment strategies. The workshop considers the value of play as a valuable pedagogy for teaching both academic as well as social and emotional skills to early learners, with consideration for how assessment supports this learning. The webinar will include diverse practical examples to demonstrate the application of theory to practice.

Primary Learning Outcomes:

By the end of the workshop, participants will understand diverse approaches to play-pedagogy and how assessments can be leveraged to support academic, social, and emotional learning for young learners.

Target Audience: For Early Childhood Educators

What Participants Said...

  • The 3 Frame Approach to assessment in the early years is a useful reference to guide teachers in understanding assessment of play-based learning in early childhood education.
  • Different play contexts lend themselves differently to assessments of academic and non-academic areas.
  • A very interactive session.
  • The various assessment tools for play-based learning.
  • Research studies and evidence of play based assessment.

About the Presenter: 

Dr Christopher DeLuca

Professor Christopher DeLuca (Ph.D., Queen’s University) is an Associate Dean at the School of Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs and Professor in Educational Assessment at the Faculty of Education, Queen’s University. Dr. DeLuca is the Director of the Queen’s Assessment and Evaluation Group (AEG) and leads the Classroom Assessment Research Team. Previously, Dr. DeLuca was an Assistant Professor at the University of South Florida (Tampa, USA) and has worked in the area of policy research in London, England.

Dr. DeLuca’s research examines the intersection of assessment, curriculum, and pedagogy from socio-cultural frameworks. His work focuses on supporting teachers in negotiating these critical areas of practice to enhance student learning for all. Specifically, he investigates how pre-service and in-service teachers learn to assess in relation to the evolving accountability culture and imperative for inclusivity in schools. For this reason, he actively works with teachers and schools globally to support teacher assessment literacy and practice.

Dr. DeLuca’s has published over 100 papers and has given over 125 talks. His research has been recognized through several awards including the Queen’s Faculty of Education Research Excellence Award, the American Educational Research Association Outstanding Paper in Classroom Assessment Award, and the R.W. Jackson Award from the Canadian Society for the Study of Education. Dr. DeLuca has served as the Chair of the American Educational Research Association's Classroom Assessment SIG, President of the Canadian Educational Researchers’ Association, and Editor of the Canadian Journal of Education. Dr. DeLuca is currently an Executive Editor for Assessment in Education: Principles, Policy and Practice.

Registration Details

Course Code: CD220224

Topic: Assessment in Play-based Teaching Contexts: Supporting our Early Learners

Presenter: Professor Christopher DeLuca

Date(s): 12 November 2024, Tuesday

Time: 9.00 am to 11.00 am

Mode of Delivery: Zoom

Closing Date: 4 October 2024, Friday

Workshop Fee: S$250.00 per participant and fee is subject to GST.

Please get in touch with Joseph Loy by email at or tel: 6363 0330 if you require further information.