6th Asia-Pacific Educational Assessment Conference 2023

The 6th Asia-Pacific Educational Assessment Conference 2023 (APEAC2023) is a cutting-edge event designed for today's progressive educators, school leaders, scholars, and researchers from Singapore and beyond. APEAC2023 aims to elevate assessment competencies and empower educators to deliver exceptional teaching and learning experiences at every level.

Dive into the latest trends and global best practices in educational assessment, curated to expand your perspective and adapt to the ever-evolving educational landscape. Whether you're just starting your journey in educational assessment or are a seasoned expert, APEAC2023 offers a wealth of opportunities to gain fresh insights and knowledge.

Our dynamic line-up of keynote speakers will reveal how prestigious institutions, educators, and researchers have successfully implemented and studied their programs, unlocking a world of innovative ideas for your unique educational context - from the classroom to the institution.

Featuring international thought leaders in educational assessment, APEAC2023 invites you to learn from their invaluable experiences, insights, and models of practice. This diverse and enriching conference creates a platform for networking with peers, engaging with experienced practitioners, and exchanging ideas with global professionals.

Don't miss the chance to be a part of APEAC2023, where the future of educational assessment is shaped and refined for today's world.

What Participants said...

· The speakers were all engaging, and there was alot of learning. I was inspired to teach my NIE students new ideas about assessment as they prepared to do their teaching.

· Very inspiring and grounded sharing of what we need to do as educators to move learning forward.

· The presentations gave an overview of issues surrounding assessment. It addresses some of the fundamental misconceptions about assessment.

· The presentations keep participants abreast of developments in and changes in educational assessment.

· Excellent interaction and loads of passion were exhibited.

· Interesting exchanges between participants and speakers.

· I love the discussion about assessing"softer" skills. Very insightful, especially to hear from PISA's perspectives.

· Very insightful to hear raw discussions among panellists, even to train me to think critically about particular topics.

· Thought-provoking questions were crafted and well-answered by the panellists.

· Rich discussions, and I love the active participation from the ground, which face-to-face could not quite achieve! This makes the conversations much more engaging and enhances learning for participants.